Master ID in Betting

If you have friends who are into online betting in India, you may have heard them talking about Master ID betting. They may have also bragged about how much money they’ve made managing agent IDs and client IDs. Do you know what master ID betting is? If not, then you’re in the right place.

What is Master ID?

A master ID is one of the many betting ID types you can find in Indian betting exchanges. It’s a P2P account which means you’ll be dealing with the agents and clients directly. It’s a priority list more than anything else. A Master ID is ranked over a client ID and an agent ID.

Create a Master ID: Is it Possible?

Of course. There are plenty of people doing master ID betting in India. You can either buy the ID directly from a local exchange or ask something with a super master ID (SMDL) to create a master ID for you. You can either take the ID in rent or share the commission from your profits.

And when you have the master ID, you can create master agent IDs and client IDs. In simple words, the higher up you go in the chain, the more managerial power you get for master ID betting.

Is Master ID Betting Good or Bad?

The good and the bad all depend on how you manage your master ID betting. If you don’t have enough volume of punters, you usually don’t need a master ID. When you reach at least 200 customers who’re all working under you, that’s when you should go for a master ID.

If you’re asking is master ID betting good or bad in the sense of legality, it’s hard to tell. It’s simple because the Indian government doesn’t regulate online gambling yet. It means all kinds of betting IDs fall in the gray area.

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FAQ. Frequently Asked Questions
  • 💡 What is a betting ID?

    In simple words, an ID in betting refers to an account at a betting exchange.

  • 💡 How do I get a bookie ID?

    You need to identify the trusted betting ID providers in India. Then, you can get in touch with them to get your bookie ID.

  • 💡 What is ID sharing and renting?

    In most cases, you’re using the master ID to make money with agent IDs working under you. You can either share the ID with them and get a commission or you can rent them the ID for a fixed price.

  • 💡 What is an agent ID?

    An agent ID is technically the 2nd layer of IDs. It can create client IDs and manage them.

  • 💡 What is client ID?

    A client ID can only be used for betting. You can’t open any other IDs or use the account to make passive money.