Best Betting Sites in the World

If you look back on the history of the world, online betting started with simple sports such as Horse Racing. But as time passed it moved on to things like Cricket, Football, Tennis, and many others. Nowadays, you can bet on pretty much every sport on top betting sites in the world.

That’s why it’s important to figure out which are the best betting sites in the world. If you know how to choose a good betting site, the entire experience becomes much more enjoyable. But where do you start? It can get pretty intimidating choosing the best world betting site. Fortunately for you, we’ve got it covered.

List of Best Betting Sites in the World

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What You Will Find in This Article?

The Overall Legal Status of Online Gambling Across the World

The current state of online gambling hasn’t been there from the start. In fact, when it first started, online gambling was seen in a negative light. In many countries of the world top betting sites were banned. Even now, many countries still exist where participating in any form of online gambling is a punishable offence.

But the situation has changed gradually. Many countries of the world have slowly started to see the benefit of allowing online gambling. By regulating all gambling activities, these countries are able to control the gamblers as well as make them a part of the revenue.

Some of the countries that fall under this umbrella would be the UK, Canada, and Australia. They have slowly become betting hotspots and feature the best betting site in the world. Players can legally bet on some of the top betting sites in the world as long as they’re playing from these countries.

And even in countries, where there are gambling establishments, the majority of them don’t regulate online gambling. That makes it possible for players to bet on offshore sites while staying in their country. One such example would be India.

You can bet on the best betting sites in the world when you’re from India. All you’ll need is an offshore bookie that accepts players from India and supports betting with Indian Rupees. If these two requirements are met, then you’re free to place bets on your favourite sport.

What Are the Most Popular Sports for Betting Online?

You might be playing at the world’s best betting site. But what games should you be betting on? If you know anything about online betting, you should know that it’s crucial to be informed about every aspect of the game you’re betting on.
In this section of the article, we explore some of the popular sports in the world for online betting. You’ll get to see how the popularity of the games ties in with sports betting. Let’s start.

🏀 Basketball

Basketball primarily made its name in America as one of the nation’s favourite sports. The game has produced so many legends. And it also has a loyal base of fans that follow it. With so much popularity, it was bound for this sport to be included in online betting.

When you’re browsing through international betting sites, you can see Basketball included there for sure. And with that, you should also see the popular betting markets offered also. If you’re playing at a renowned international bet site, you should also have access to the best odds.

️⚽️ Football

We don’t need to talk about the popularity of Football at all. The sport speaks for itself. The action-packed 90 minutes of a Football game are enough to make anyone fall in love with the sport. And for a sport this exhilarating, you will definitely find it as a betting option in top betting sites in world.

There are multiple popular betting markets for Football. Some of these markets are popular in a particular region. But if you’re playing at a world best betting site, you will have access to all of the betting markets, regardless of where you are. It’s one of the world’s most bet on sports.

️🎾️ Tennis

Tennis is another sport that’s really popular for betting by many punters. But it does have a niche audience. Once you get hooked on it, it’s tough to let go. Eventually, it gets to the point where really dedicated fans scour the internet for the best betting site in the world to bet on their favourite market during a much-anticipated tennis match.

Over the years, we have seen many global superstars emerge from Tennis. Some of them are from India. These players have made a name for themselves by representing their countries multiple times on the global stage.

️🏇️ Horse Racing

You won’t find Horse Racing taking place everywhere in the world. That’s because you need a proper infrastructure to host these races and manage them. But that does not mean that it’s not available on the world’s best betting site. In fact, that’s one of the ways you can bet on Horse Racing.

Horse Racing is really popular in the UK and Australia. You can bet on horse races in person if you’re in these countries. There are Horse Racing events held in many Indian states as well. But for the rest of us, we’ll have to stick to the top betting sites in the world.

️🏒️ Ice Hockey

Ice Hockey has also been rising in popularity as one of the best sporting events to bet on. This sport is more popular among the Canadian audience. It’s different from regular hockey because it’s much more fast-paced and violent.

Players zoom across the ice rink on ice skates in an attempt to score a goal. And there are no minor disputes in Ice Hockey. The gloves are off and it all turns into an open-fisted brawl. No wonder this game has some popular novelty betting markets.

How We Choose the Top Betting Sites in the World

If you’re on the search for the best betting site in the world, then you can check our list of recommended bookmakers without any worries. But if you want to know about our thought process for future reference, here we will share that with you. These are not the only things to consider when choosing a bookmaker, but they are by far the most important ones. Let’s show you what we mean.

  • 1

    License and Security

    Whenever we’re reviewing an online bookmaker, the first thing that we check for is a valid license. And it also has to be a license that’s been issued by a renowned licensing authority. And the only reason we’re on the lookout for one is because of your safety.

    You can’t feel secure if you’re placing bets on a bookmaker that’s not even licensed. But a license cannot guarantee 100% of your safety. The best betting sites in the world have multiple security measures in place to protect their customers.

    Some common security measures that are used by online bookmakers are 128-bit SSL encryption, KYC procedure, and two-factor authentication for added security. You also enjoy the benefit of encrypted transactions at the best betting site in the world.

  • 2

    Betting Options

    At the world’s best betting site, you should get nothing but the best betting options. But it’s not just betting markets that we’re talking about. We’re also talking about betting odds. You should get the best odds for the bets that you place on top betting sites in the world.

    If you don’t get great odds for the bets that you’re placing, your payout won’t be much. If you want to get your money’s worth on the wager that you make, you need to search for bookies with the best odds on the best betting markets.

  • 3

    Payment Methods

    We also look for payment methods that are popular among players. Our priorities when considering payment methods are the limits of transactions, quick processing time, and overall ease of usability.

    Sometimes it’s not the payment method that’s at fault. But the operator itself. This is why we also check if the operator processes all payments quickly. Only after that do we recommend the sportsbooks to you.

  • 4

    Customer Support

    We are also firm believers that good customer support can make or break your experience. Running into a technical issue at a bookmaker is not uncommon. It can be something small, or it can be something big. No matter what it is, you want it to be taken care of smoothly.

    When judging customer support, we look for things like response time, contact methods, and efficiency. If a bookmaker passes these checks, your problems will be taken care of in no time.

How to Sign Up at an Online Betting Site?

We’ve often seen punters stress out over signing up at the best betting sites in the world. There’s nothing to it really. Registering as a user is really easy and can be done in just a couple of minutes.

  • Choose Bookmaker
    step 1

    Visit the bookmaker’s website to get started on the registration process.

  • Start Registering
    step 2

    Click on Register/Sign Up button to start creating your account in the Bookmaker you want.

  • Email and password
    step 3

    Fill up the form with your email and password. These credentials will be used to log in.

  • Verify account
    step 4

    Enter your personal information to verify your sportsbook and start betting.

What are the Best Bets to Place in the World?

We’ve seen some of the world top betting sites and we’ve also seen what are some of the popular sports. But now we’re delving into which are the best bets to place on these games.
There will be a few bets that will differ because every sport is different. But here we’re taking a general look at some of the best betting markets in the world.


Sometimes we’ve seen many punters confuse Outright bets with Match-Winner bets. These are two different things and today, we’re going to clear up the confusion. A Match-Winner bet is placed on the outcome of a single match. Outright bets on the other hand are placed on the outcome of an entire league.

The most common use of Outright bets is in tournaments or leagues. Basically, punters are going to have to predict the team that’s going to win the entire tournament. It’s a long-term bet and one that requires good knowledge and a lot of experience to pull off.


Over/Under bets can be seen in pretty much all sports on the best betting sites in the world. The objective of this bet is to predict whether the final score will go over or under a predetermined value. This value in question is going to be set by the betting site.

The value is typically set to be a decimal. That way, you can’t make a 100% accurate prediction and the bookmaker doesn’t have to give you back your money. Over/Under bets are always one of the top three bets in the best betting sites in the world.

Points Spread

The concept of a point spread bet might sometimes get difficult to understand. But once you properly get to know about it, you slowly start to understand why seasoned punters love this bet so much. The purpose of this bet is to correctly predict the spread of points between two teams.

There’s a reason why we’re calling this the veteran’s favourite. It’s because even if the team that’s bet on loses the match, as long as the point spread is met, you will win the wager. Points spreads are done positively or negatively depending on whether the team is the favourite or the underdog.


Handicap bets function somewhat similarly to Points Spread bets as it relies on the concept of favourites and underdogs. But unlike the Points Spread bet that you get in the best betting sites in the world, the handicap is uneven.

In a Points Spread bet, whatever the spread is added or subtracted is always equal. But handicaps are weighed heavily in favour of the underdogs as they have a less practical chance of winning. The uneven addition of the handicap values is what makes it one of the best bets in the world.


If you want to maximize your fun at the world top betting sites, then you have to check out Props bets. Props bets are wagers that have no relationship with the outcome of the game. In Props bets it doesn’t matter who’s winning, because you’re wagering on something else entirely.

Some common bets that fall under Props bets are Toss Winner, Highest Scorer, Player of the Tournament, etc. Some Props bets are sports-specific. You can find a collection of Props bets at the world’s best betting site.

Payment Methods the Best Betting Sites in the World Offer

When talking about the reviewing criteria, we mentioned briefly the things we look for in payment methods at the best betting sites in the world. Let’s check out some actual payment methods that players enjoy at international betting sites.

To deposit or withdraw funds into your bookmaker account, you can do it from your account settings. There should be separate options to deposit and withdraw funds with all the available payment methods listed there. Let’s see which methods you can use to deposit and withdraw funds to and from your account.

💳 How to Deposit

There must be a wide range of deposit methods offered if a bookie is claiming to be the world’s best betting site. The reason for having so many is to offer punters options to easily perform transactions. There, you can also enjoy instant deposits on most of these methods. Let’s go over the possible options.

If you want to deposit using cards, there are options to use your debit or credit card to deposit funds. You can use Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, as well as a bunch of other options. You can even use prepaid cards to deposit money into your sportsbook account.
You can also use a variety of e-wallet options. Different bookmakers will have different e-wallet payment options. Some of the most popular ones are PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, Payz, UnionPay, AstroPay, etc.

Another new form of payment that has emerged is cryptocurrency. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Dogecoin are the most used ones by bookmakers. However, Bitcoin is the most popular one among the bunch.

💳 How to Withdraw

You can pretty much use the same payment methods for withdrawals. However, there are some card payment options that are only good for deposits. You can't use them for withdrawals.
E-wallets are going to be the best bet for you. These transactions get processed immediately, and you won’t be charged any extra fee either.

You can also use the traditional bank transfer to withdraw the funds directly into your bank account. The problem with that is the long processing time. If you’re lucky, you’ll get your money in one day. But if you get the short end of the stick, you might have to wait up to five days.

Top Tips for Real Money Betting

Now let’s take a look at some tips that you can use to make some real money off your bets at the top betting sites in world. You can use these as a reference when you start wagering on the best betting sites in the world.

◉ Deep Understanding of the Sport

Before you can begin betting on a sport, you need to properly understand it. This means understanding the rules of the game, the player formats, and the scoring system. When you’re placing a bet, it helps out when you understand these basic things.

◉ Look for the Popular Betting Markets with the Best Odds

If a bookmaker has the betting market that you want, that’s really good. But do you know what’s even better? If the popular betting markets come with the best odds. Compare your bookmaker to other sportsbooks to figure out whether or not you’re getting the best odds.

◉ Picking the Right Operator

Last but not the least, you should always choose an operator that resonates with you. Do they have the features you need? Does it support the payment methods that you use? The bookmaker that answers all of these questions is the one that you should go with.

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FAQ. Frequent Questions
  • Which is the number one ranked betting website in the world?

    The biggest betting website in the world is bet365, which is also ranked number 1 in terms of popularity. There are loads of cool features such as a clean betting interface, wonderful bonuses, popular betting markets along with the best betting odds.

  • Are online betting sites safe?

    You can bet to your heart’s content without worrying about safety on the best online betting sites in the world. These sites use the latest security features to guarantee the safety of the users’ information on the website. All sensitive information on top betting sites is encrypted and protected.

  • Which country is the most famous for online betting?

    Although many people assume the answer to be the USA, Australia is known for having the most number of punters. It’s to be expected considering the betting scene that exists in Australia.

  • How do sports betting sites make money?

    Sports betting sites will not cut a share of your winnings for their revenue. You get to keep every bit of the money that you make. The way revenue is generated on a sportsbook is from losing bets. Operators will collect a commission on every wager that the players lose.