Best Cricket Betting Exchanges in India

For the most part, it’s the betting sites that get all the attention from punters. But there’s a hidden gem of a platform that many of you don’t know about. Even if you do, you just don’t feel like utilizing it. We’re talking about none other than the cricket betting exchange sites in India.

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What you will find in the review?

In this review today, we’re looking at the best betting exchanges in India. Not only that, we’re going to learn all about how betting exchanges work and get you started on them. So, let’s begin!

cricket betting exchange

What is a Cricket Betting Exchange?

Before we learn about how a cricket rate exchange works, you should know what a betting exchange is. Similar to an online bookmaker, it’s a platform where you can gamble with real money. However, the cricket rates or odds you get are not projected by professional analysts or computer systems. 

Rather, the cricket betting exchange sites allow punters like you to set the odds for the markets. In that sense, it’s a P2P platform, free from any central regulation. In most cases, the odds are longer when compared to regular betting sites. It means more winnings for the same bet!


Wondering how to know if a cricket rate exchange is credible or not? There are a few different ways you can tell.

The Site Has a License

A cricket betting exchange may not be a traditional sportsbook but it must still be licensed. After all, you’re using it for gambling purposes. You can find the license for an exchange the same way you can find it for sportsbooks, on the footer.

Website Security

Apart from the legitimacy of the site, the security protocols it boasts are crucial for your data safety. Always look for 128-bit SSL encryption on the website before you sign up.

Top 3 Cricket Exchanges in India

We understand if you don’t know where to start for the best betting exchanges in India. Not to worry, we have your back. Here we have compiled a list of the best betting exchanges in India. This will definitely help you out when you’re just starting out.

✔ 22Bet

22Bet is another international online betting site with an exchange component integrated. The interface and the features look very similar to 1xBet simply because they’re managed by the same company. Just like 1xBet, you can expect excellent exchange cricket betting from 22Bet.


Dafabet is another extremely popular online betting site in India. If you look closely at the navigation bar, you’ll find the “Exchange” option listed. The sports options are relatively limited. You can find exchange rates for cricket, football, basketball, tennis, and table tennis at the time of writing.


1xBet is a great alternative for you. This company has a successful and renowned bookmaker. But it also supports a betting exchange, where you get to set your own odds. It also has its own app for the betting exchange, so you can always use that when you’re on the move.

Best Cricket Exchanges in India

How to Choose the Best Cricket Exchange in India

This is a very good question. And the answer is fairly simple. The process of choosing an exchange cricket betting site is more or less the same as choosing a regular online sportsbook. Follow along to know more.

  • 1


    The first step is always to verify the license. You need to collect the license number from the website and use it as a reference on the license provider’s website. If the names and account numbers match, the license is valid.

  • 2


    The next step is to evaluate the odds. Compare the back and lay bet odds with different cricket betting exchange sites as well as regular betting sites. Also, look for the exact sports you have plans for betting on instead of looking at the odds in general.

  • 3

    Payment Methods

    Make sure that you can deposit and withdraw on the site. The bridge, in this case, is an online payment method. Thankfully, Indian cricket rate exchange sites have excellent payment methods.

  • 4

    Customer Support

    Especially for newcomers, understanding the features can be overwhelming. An impeccable customer support team is the only thing that can help. So, make sure the support channels are aligned with your needs and the agents are knowledgeable.

How to Bet on Cricket Online?

Betting on cricket or any other sport is a fairly simple task. However, to do it “properly” takes a little more. In this section, let us list the steps that you can follow for the most amazing experience with cricket betting online.

How to Use Exchanges

Do the Research

The most important part of gambling in general is your knowledge. The more you know, the more you can expect to succeed. It starts with studying cricket as a sport. You might already be a fan but to become a successful bettor, you need to know the rules and previous history of the team or player you’re trying to bet on.

Choose the Right Bookie/Exchange from Our List

What exchange cricket betting or sportsbook you choose has everything to do with how your experience is going to be. The easiest way to find trusted and credible sites is to follow our online cricket betting website.

Pick the Right Markets and Gamble Responsibly

After you find the cricket rate exchange or betting site for yourself, it all comes down to how well you can read the odds and manage your bankroll. Spread the money across multiple smaller bets instead of placing one large bet. It’s going to minimize the chance of incurring huge losses.

Best Exchange Betting Apps

In case you’re into mobile exchange apps more, we’ve got just the list you want.

📱 Dafabet

Yes, it’s the same Dafabet we already covered. You can access the same series of features from the mobile app as the web platform.

📱 Melbet

Melbet offers spectacular mobile apps for both iOS and Android users. Both of those apps come with a cricket betting exchange.

📱 1xBet

Following the same pattern, the next cricket rate exchange app we have is 1xBet. You can download the app from the footer section of the website.

Tips for Advanced Punters

While we mostly make our guides suitable for punters of all levels, cricket betting exchange sites are predominantly used by advanced bettors. So, here are a few tips for them.

  • If you’re going in blind, favour the back bet. It means you’re supporting the projected odds. The simple justification is that the person who calculated the odds has done more research than you.
  • If you’ve done the research and probably have access to more insights than your peers on a cricket rate exchange, you can place the lay bet. It's a great way to maximize winnings by proving the odds wrong.
  • Don’t spend too much money right from the start. You might be very experienced, but you should always take the time to understand the platform. While the concept is the same, all exchanges don’t operate the same way.
✔ Pros and Cons ✘
✔ Exceptionally longer odds than regular bookmakers✘ Only back and lay bets are available
✔ A wide array of payment methods✘ May not be suitable for new bettors
✔ Access to more unique markets
✔ Straightforward interface

Back and Lay Cricket Betting

If you are thinking about visiting an exchange and taking full advantage of the ongoing IPL by placing bets on your favourite teams, now is the time! However, there are many different kinds of bets. It would be wise to learn everything you can about these before betting.

Back Betting

In gambling or sports betting, back betting is predicting the result of an event and putting a stake on it. To illustrate the point, if you wager on a horse to win a race, you are essentially predicting its victory. If the scenario you've selected occurs, you will be rewarded monetarily according to the odds provided. You will not get your money back if the outcome doesn't materialise. The most prevalent type of betting in sportsbooks and traditional betting markets is back betting; it’s the classic way to place wagers. In back betting, you effectively wager on something happening.

Lay Betting

Conversely, betting against a result is known as lay betting. By taking on the role of the bookmaker and providing odds to other bettors, you engage in lay betting. To put it simply, you are wagering against the occurrence of a specific event. Laying a football team means you think they won't come out on top in the game. Your bet is considered won if the team either draws or loses. However, you'll have to pay out the backer if they come out on top. Lay betting gives a fresh take on the conventional betting markets by giving punters a chance to benefit from things that haven't even occurred yet. It's a crucial part of betting exchanges since it makes betting more interactive and dynamic by letting people back and lay bets against each other.

Lay Betting

Popular Payment Methods

As we’ve already mentioned, online payment methods have a major role to play in cricket exchange betting sites. Most of them offer a blend of different payment types. Let’s go over the most common ones and see how they fit your needs.

💳 Credit/Debit Cards

For an account deposit, credit and debit cards are very convenient. You “pay” the betting exchange the same way you pay a merchant after shopping. The deposit goes right through and you don’t have to pay any extra fees. However, cards are not ideal for withdrawals as they may take up to 5 days! In many cases, you can’t even withdraw with cards!

💳 eWallets

Wallets are considered the most convenient form of online payment, especially when it comes to online gambling. Names like Paytm, PhonePe, and RuPay have already made a buzz in India. You can use all of these methods under the UPI umbrella. 

You can also use international providers like Skrill, Neteller, and PayPal. The best thing about using e-wallets is that you don’t have to wait for days for the withdrawals.

💳 Cryptocurrencies

Although it’s not very widely used just yet, we believe cryptocurrencies could be the future of online payments. A lot of cricket rate exchange sites already accept them and many are on the way to doing so. 

You can buy Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, or tokens from any other blockchain from a crypto exchange for fiat money. Then, all you have to do is deposit them using the crypto wallet address.

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