Best Bookmaker Bonuses in India

  • Bonus
    100% match bonus up to ₹25,000
    Online betting sites are gradually making a widespread appearance in India. The increasing popularity of online gambling in the country…
  • Bonus
    150% match bonus up to ₹20,000
    For the longest time, online gambling sites have been offering lucrative bonuses to customers. It’s a unique position for these…
  • Bonus
    Welcome bonus up to ₹77,200
    Rokubet is an internationally acclaimed online betting site. However, Indians are yet to know about its full potential. But after…
  • Bonus
    Welcome bonus up to ₹230,000
    Among the online betting sites that accept bettors from India, Bons is one of the most underappreciated ones. In fact,…
  • Bonus
    Welcome bonus up to ₹100,000
    10Cric is pretty much a dedicated Indian online betting site. The majority of the features are designed for Indian bettors,…
  • Bonus
    100% deposit bonus up to ₹20,000.
    Melbet comes among the top 5 online betting sites for Indians. With a Curacao license and INR as accepted currency,…
  • Bonus
    100% welcome bonus up to to ₹10,000
    Since the beginning of the online gambling industry, many operators have tried to shape the industry. The early years were…
  • Bonus
    100% match bonus up to ₹20,000
    To punters around the world, 1xBet is a familiar name. It’s part of 1xCorp N.V., a company based in Curacao.…
  • Bonus
    160% first deposit bonus up to ₹16,000
    In your quest to find the best online betting sites that accept customers from India, you may have already found…
  • Bonus
    200% match bonus ₹15,000
    Among all the online betting sites that accept bettors from India, Fun88 often doesn’t make any noise. It has a…

One of the main reasons why punters love to go for an online sportsbook is because of the bookmaker offers. These bonus betting promos are designed with the customers in mind in order to make their experience more enjoyable.

There are different kinds of bookmaker offers that you can find on bonus betting sites. There are betting offers for new players as well as old ones. No matter which category you fall under, you can bet there is a betting site bonus waiting for you.

We’re going to talk about all kinds of online betting offers to see what they do, and you can claim them. Let’s start!

Popular Betting Bonus Types

  • Welcome Bonus

The most popular type when it comes to betting sites bonus. It’s also the one that brings in the most amount of new players. You might find a welcome bonus where you get a reward just for signing up. There can also be welcome bonuses where you get the reward for placing your first deposits.

  • Deposit Match Bonus

A deposit Match Bonus is a betting offer that is not limited to a welcome bonus, you can also enjoy a deposit match betting offer as a weekly bonus. Since you get more bang for your buck, it’s one of the top three bonuses betting sites offer to players and sometimes can come with additional rewards, like free bets offered.

  • Free Bets

Free bets are not a bonus offer betting sites offer as a separate bonus. It comes as an additional reward with other bonuses. Some bonus offers will not give players the bonus cash outright. Rather the bonus amount will be paid in free bets.

But what are free bets exactly? How do they work? Think of it like a coupon. A free bet of ₹500 means that you can use it to place a wager worth ₹500.

  • Accumulator Bonus

If we had to put it simply, accumulator bets are a combination of bets where you have to win every one of the wagers to win the bet.

The combination of bets increases the payout you get. But since it’s all or nothing, the risks involved are also higher.

  • Bet of the Day

Bookmakers will often feature a match on a day and offer Bet of the Day bonus on it. Punters who place bets on that particular match can enjoy a variety of bonus offers. Some bonuses can include boosted odds and payout multipliers.

  • Bet Insurance

It’s one of the safest bets offers in the sportsbook that can save you from losses. By applying a Bets Insurance bonus on a big bet, you can minimize your losses. How, you might ask?

The idea behind a Bets Insurance bonus is that you get your money back, even if you lose the bet. This really helps out when you’re placing a risky bet that you have a high chance of losing.

Bonus Terms and Condition

bookmaker offers

No matter how good of a bonus it is, it will always come with terms and conditions. That’s the golden rule for bonuses. You can’t enjoy free rewards without fulfilling the conditions. That’s why you need to know exactly what they stand for.

This is by far the most important section of our article. It’s crucial that you understand exactly what these terms mean for your bonus. The reason we’re emphasizing it so much is that if you fail to fulfil even one of the conditions, your bonus will be voided.

Wagering Requirements

Wagering requirements are one of those terms that come with every betting bonus. It’s really common for bookmaker offers to impose a wagering requirement on the bonus that you enjoy.

But how does it work? You might see a wagering requirement of 20 times and not understand what it means. Here is an example to help you out.

Let’s say you got ₹200 from a deposit bonus. This amount will get added to your sportsbook account. But to withdraw money from your account, you will need to complete the wagering requirement.

If the wagering requirement is 10x, you can only withdraw after you’ve wagered ₹200×10 or ₹2000. Unless you’ve completed the wagering requirement, you won’t be able to withdraw the money from your account. But you can still wager freely and deposit money into your account.

Minimum Odds

You might also sometimes see a minimum odds requirement in the terms of a bonus. As a punter, you should already know what odds are in betting bonus offers. But what are minimum odds?

When you enjoy a betting site bonus, you should see a clause that says “place bets with minimum odds of X”. This means that to enjoy the betting offer, you will have to place a bet on a market that has the minimum specified odds.

If you make a bet with odds less than the amount specified in the terms, your bonus will be considered void and you won’t be able to enjoy it.

Minimum Selections

When you enjoy a bonus on Accumulator bets or Multi-bets, you might encounter a requirement called Minimum Selections. This requirement works exactly as it sounds. There is a requirement for the number of minimum selections that you can have in the Acca bet or Multi-bet.

If you’re required to make a minimum selection of 3 on an Accumulator Bonus, then you have to place a minimum of 3 wagers otherwise the bonus rewards won’t apply to you.

You can go over the number of minimum selections unless specified otherwise. But if you don’t meet the minimum amount of wagers, your bets will still be counted, but you won’t get the bonus.

Sports Eligibility

Certain bookmaker offers will also have a specific set of sports that the betting offer applies to. You can only enjoy the bonus if you’re wagering real money on those sports.

It doesn’t matter which sport it is. Even if you have the FIFA World Cup going on and the bonus applies to Cricket matches, you won’t enjoy the betting bonus on Football matches. You can only get it if you’re betting on a Cricket match.

Expiry Dates

Every bonus in the world will also come with its own expiry date. You either have to complete the conditions of the bonus or claim the bonus within the specified time. It’s really important that you take notice of the expiry dates before you start to claim any bonus.

If you don’t fulfil the conditions within the specified time, you can say goodbye to your bonus offer. If you want to take our recommendation, you should always check the expiry date first.

Maximum Winnings

There are also bonus offers where the maximum amount that you can win is capped. This means if you cross the threshold of that maximum winnings amount your bonus can get voided.

Maximum winnings are a bonus condition that not many players enjoy. But it’s a good one in our opinion because it helps to regulate the amount you win. If you keep winning a lot, you are more likely to develop an addiction to gambling.

Top 3 Best Bookmaker Offers in India

So far, we’ve talked about the different bonuses as well as some of the terms and conditions that come with those. Now it’s time to check out some actual bookmaker offers from some of the best sportsbooks in India.

  • Parimatch

Parimatch has managed to become one of the best destinations for Indian punters. And most of that comes from the fact that the operator has a good mix of bookmaker offers that players can enjoy.

There is a really good welcome bonus that gives you enough bonus money to let you play more for your money. You can also enjoy cashback bonuses as well as betting offers on Parlay bets.

  • 1xBet

Punters from India love betting at 1xBet, solely because of the sheer amount of bets. There are bets for just about anything. You can bet on league matches, tournaments, and even eSports events. You can find a list of all the bonuses in the sections of the house.

  • Bet365

There are multiple bookmaker offers that you can easily enjoy as a punter at bet365. You get sports bonuses, bet boosts and plenty of other stuff at bet365.

There is also plenty of early payout offers that you can take advantage of. These bonuses will let you cash out early and minimize losses sho.

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FAQ. Frequently Asked Questions
  • 💡 Can I enjoy the best odds at Indian bookmakers?

    Not only do you get access to the best bookmaker offers, but you also get the best competitive odds with Indian bookmakers. The combination of betting bonuses and odds creates a wonderful experience for the punters

  • 💡 Which is the best sportsbook in India?

    There are plenty of options that you can choose from. Each one comes with its own sets of features and bonus offers. If you want a list of the best ones, check out our list of recommendations to get started.

  • 💡 How to use promo codes for bonuses?

    If the sportsbook has a promo code for the bonus offers, it’s usually for the deposit bonuses. You can use the promo code when you’re making deposits with real money.

  • 💡 Can I withdraw my bonus from the bookmaker?

    If you’ve fulfilled all the conditions that come with your bonus, you can easily withdraw your bonuses. Check to see if there are any wagering requirements that need to be completed. Once those are complete, you can withdraw the bonus instantly.

  • 💡 Is online betting legal in India?

    Indian punters can play on international betting sites without getting into legal trouble. All they’ll need is to bet at an offshore site that accepts Indian players and supports betting with Indian Rupees.