Best Live Betting Sites in India

In recent years, we’ve been hearing a lot about live betting. Apparently, it’s the best thing to have been ever introduced to the online betting industry. In fact, we’ve claimed the same thing in any of our other guides. But why is that? What makes live betting so appealing to modern punters?

We plan to get into the details of how live sports betting works as well as the benefits that make it a prime choice for you. We’re also going to share our top picks for live betting apps, in case you’re too intimidated by the long list.

List of Sports Betting Sites

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What is Live Betting?

If we break the term down, we get “live” and “betting”. The first one refers to any event happening in real-time. If you tune into Star Sports 1 or Sony Six right now, chances are you’ll find some sports events going on. These are your “live” events. 

If we try to put the 2 and 2 together, we can conclude that live betting means wagering real money on a sports event at the exact time it’s happening. In case you don’t have previous experience in the industry, the significance of this may not make sense. To make it make sense, we have to trace back our steps and look at fixed-odds betting for a minute. 

What is Fixed-Odds Betting?

In simple words, this is the original form of sports betting. All the pop culture references you get where people are biting their nails at the horse racing track are fixed-odds betting. The odds are “fixed” which means once you lock your bet in, you can’t change anything or even cancel it until the event has settled. 

In the online gambling context, these bets are known as pre-match odds. As the name suggests, you place the bets before the match starts. How long you have to place the bets will vary from betting site to betting site in India. It’s also true for the rest of the world where online gambling is legal. 

Pre-match bets are awesome and very easy to utilise, until you realise you’ve put money on the wrong team. In that case, you have no other option but to accept the loss and move on. As long as you stick to favourites determined by the betting site, you should not incur any big losses from fixed-odds betting. 

Live Betting is Fast and Thrilling

As we mentioned earlier, a bad bet on a fixed-odds market has the capability to destroy your bankroll. Live betting sites, on the contrary, do the opposite. It allows you to bet on the outcomes as they’re happening so that you have absolute control over your bankroll. 

Even if one of your pre-match bets turns out to be wrong, you can recoup a lot of losses and may even be in profit using live betting in India. Let’s dive deeper into what made live betting the newest sensation in the iGaming industry, particularly for sports bettors. 

How to Accurately Bet on Live Events?

To succeed in live betting, you need to know how to place them correctly. You can try to inject all the money you have at the correct odds in the hope of making some easy money but still fail. The reason simply is that you didn’t take the right path.

  • Start with a Pre-Match Bet
    step 1

    One of the prerequisites to bet live is to bet fixed odds. If you know how to use pre-match bets, you’ll know how to use live bets. First, you have to pick a fixed-odds market and add it to your live bet slip. It’s a backup bet in case you make mistakes during live betting.

  • Familiarise with the Interface
    step 2

    A live sports betting interface can be intimidating if you’ve never done anything like this before. That’s why we highly recommend that you visit a few live betting sites that accept Indians before committing real money.
    In general, the live betting section and a pre-match betting section look very similar. In our experience, the biggest difference is the odds change.

  • Follow the Game
    step 3

    One of the biggest mistakes rookie punters make is that they only rely on the odds and their change during the match. It can work in theory given that all the projections are correct. However, we’ve already mentioned that not even intricate computer systems are foolproof. So, there’s always room for error. The only way to avoid missing out on a good opportunity is to follow the match for yourself.

  • Know Your Limits
    step 4

    This is more of a caution than a tip for live betting apps in India. As this kind of betting is very fast-paced, it’s normal for you to spend a lot of real money in a very short time. It’s fine as long as the money is coming out of your gambling budget. We’ve said many times in the past, never put money in your gambling budget that you’re not willing to lose.

  • Higher Stakes and Thrill Level

    Pre-match betting is somewhat boring. You can do all the research in advance and place your bets before the match starts. Once it does you have nothing else to do. Live betting, on the other hand, will surely keep you on the edge of your seat.

    If you plan to place a cricket bet live, it starts when the match starts. It means you’ll be monitoring the match for its entire duration and adjusting your bet slip accordingly. You can make profits very quickly considering the short-lived markets. At the same time, you stand to lose more if you read the odds wrong or miss good opportunities.

    Why is Live Betting So popular?
  • More Markets to Choose From

    For live betting in India, you get a lot of markets. It’s simply because new markets can come up from every minute of the match. It completely depends on the status of the play and even on the weather at times!

    For example, if it starts to rain suddenly when you’re doing a cricket bet live, live betting markets can include “will the match go to D/L”. This is the closest operators can get to creating markets “out of thin air”. 

    More Markets to Choose From
  • The Changing Odds

    One of the main selling points for live betting is the odds changing in real time. To be fair, it’s the change in the odds that makes the bets work in the first place. Whatever the odds were during the beginning of the match are not going to be the same as the mid-point or the end of the match. 

    So, you can place a bet at the beginning of the match at certain odds. If the odds shift due to a rapid change in the scenario, you can make more money from the same stake! Needless to say, it can also go the other way where you lose money.

  • Quick Settlement

    Unlike tournament outrights, you don’t have to wait for days for your bets to settle. A cricket bet live will settle as soon as the aspect of the live bet is over. Let’s look at an example to understand what we’re trying to say here. 

    During a drinks break in an ODI cricket match, different players from the bench bring the drinks out. Or, fielders ask for water in the middle of an over. In such cases, the bookmaker may offer a market on who’s going to bring the water out. These types of bets are known as props. 

    Quick Settlement

How We Choose the Best Live Betting Sites

Near the beginning of this guide, you see the finest live betting apps listed. If you’re wondering where they come from, we have the answer in this section. We’re listing the essential aspects that we take into consideration to list these sites for you.

  • 1

    The Sites Must Have a License

    This is the first box we check, every single time, without fail. No unlicensed online betting site can make it into our lists and we take great pride in it. India doesn’t have any local gambling authority to grant licenses. So, all the licenses are offshore. 

    The most common authority we’ve seen is the Curacao Government. It has 4 master licenses that grant sub-licenses to betting sites. Kahnawake Gambling Commission, Malta Gaming Authority, or any other jurisdiction that allows Indian bettors to sign up will also work for India. 

  • 2

    The Odds Must be Accurate

    Sports betting, both online and offline, is all about odds. Without odds, you can’t make anything out of the site’s interface. They not only project the likelihood of the event happening but also your potential winnings. 

    You can understand how important the odds are. This is why we make sure the odds on the live betting site are accurate. Although it sounds counterintuitive to our tip of making use of the incorrect lines, it’s not a good sign that the analysts consistently keep making mistakes. 

  • 3

    The Sites Should Offer Live Streaming

    The idea of live streaming comes with the idea of live betting. It’s the perfect pair that can make it or break it in terms of your overall online gambling experience. The reputed betting sites try their best to include the live streaming feature on their website. 

    The only reason you see the feature only on top-tier bookmakers is the high costs. An operator first needs a capable platform to integrate the streaming function. At the same time, there are broadcasting rights issues and other licensing factors that come into play. 

    As a result, entry-level betting sites can’t offer the live streaming feature even if they want to. But as it’s becoming more common and technology is getting cheaper, we can hope to see more live betting apps offering this handy feature.

  • 4

    You Need to Local Payment Methods

    Not all punters in India have access to these international methods. Many of them may not even know that they exist. So, betting sites always have to localise their services. 

    One of the best ways to do that is by offering local payment methods. People may not know about Neteller in India but they’ll surely know about Paytm. Or, UPI. Or, IMPS. What we’re trying to establish here is that we try to include betting sites that offer local online payment methods punters from all over the country can use. 

  • 5

    The Collection of Sports Must Be Good

    Sure, cricket bet live is the most popular form of live betting in India. But if you had to bet on cricket all day long, it'd become boring no matter how competitive the odds are. That’s why we take the overall sports library into consideration as well. 

    The more sports we can find in the sports library, the more inclusive your experience is going to be. Ideally, we look for football, tennis, kabaddi, volleyball, handball, field hockey, MMA, and other sports that are considered popular in India. 

Top 3 Bookmakers in India for Live Betting

Now that you know how we chose the livebet app providers in the first place, you can go out into the world and start looking for live sports betting sites by yourself. Or, you can look into the ones we’ve listed for you. 

  • 1


    The Indian portal for Parimatch contains a dedicated section for live betting rates. If you’re not aware, live betting rate is just another way of saying live betting odds. It’s one of our favourite bookmakers for online betting as the services are localised better than most other sites. 

    Under the “Live Events” tab, you can find plenty of leagues to choose from. But cricket will dominate any other sport on this site any day. Parimatch also offers live streaming features for very selected events. You’ll have to be on the lookout to find those events.

    Parimatch Top Betting Sites Apps
  • 2


    1xBet has always had our support in India. It offers a very generous welcome bonus for the punters as well as offers all local payment methods. On top of that, it offers amazing live betting opportunities for even local tournaments! 

    1xbet Top Betting Sites Apps
  • 3


    22Bet is another excellent choice for Indian bettors. It’s an international operator with widespread operations in many European countries. If you’re not aware, the credit for modernising the online betting industry single-handedly goes to European bookmakers. What we’re trying to say is that you can expect top-notch services from 22Bet in India. 

    Among all the other services, you should have no issue locating the “In-Play” tab. This is just a fancy way of saying live betting. Pretty much all sports that are happening around the world should be listed in that section for you to live bet.

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