Best New Betting Sites in India

The wait is over for Indian punters. Today we’re bringing you a comprehensive list of new betting sites in India. For the purpose of attracting new customers, these new bet sites offer some amazing bonus offers.

We’re going to go over all the features that these sites offer to the players. We’ve reviewed every single one of them and believe that they are great options if you’re looking for new online betting sites. Let’s see everything that new betting sites in India have to offer.

List of Best New Betting Sites in India

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What Will You Find in This Article?

We have selected the TOP new betting sites in this section. These new bookmakers have a lot to offer, including excellent betting odds, great promos, and the ability to bet live. Keep reading to know even more!

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What Are New Betting Sites?

Something that we feel we should clarify beforehand is what exactly we mean by “New”. “New” can refer to an operator that has recently started its journey in the gambling industry. It can also refer to a company that has started a new operation in India. 

We felt that it was best to create a list that combined both of the meanings of “New”. By reviewing new betting sites, we can help them grow by recommending them. We also include newly established operations so that players don’t miss out on anything. 

Brand-new betting sites often come with some amazing bonus offers that make your betting experience so much better. There are a lot more bonuses as the operator is just starting out. You can also get frequent promotions from them as well.

We’ve also seen that a new betting site will try to impress its customers with features. That’s why you can get a fresh experience that aims to please you.

As for already established operators, they’re already known for their level of service. No punter should have to miss out on the amazing service that’s provided. That’s why we feel that it’s necessary to add them to our list of recommendations.

And we don’t think that we have to mention the increased odds that you can enjoy at the best new bookmakers.

Joy Castillo writer
Joy Castillo
Betting Specialist Writer
"The special thing about new betting sites is that they come with wonderful bonus offers and personalized customer support that make punters betting experience so much better."

Features to Look for in New Betting Sites

If you’re currently looking for new online betting sites to play on, then one thing that you must ensure is the features. In bet sites new and latest features should be your top priority. But they must also be safe and secure to play at. 

But what features should the new betting site have? If you don’t have any idea about it, follow along. We’ll show you exactly what you need.

  • 1

    License and Security

    One of the first things that you want to look for in new bet sites is a valid license. The license will guarantee that the operator isn’t a fraud and won’t run away with your money. You should also look for a license from a proper licensing authority to be extra safe. 

    After you’ve confirmed the presence of a valid license, you should next look for security measures. The more security features the site has the better. Usually, with new online betting sites, security turns out to be a weak link. So, you should be careful about that. 

    Look for 128-bit SSL encryption on the new bet sites. With that, all the personal information that you share on the new betting platform will be secure and protected against outside attacks.

  • 2

    Clean Looking Interface

    You play at a new betting site with your money. But you enjoy it with your eyes too. Having a user-friendly betting interface will greatly improve your betting experience. You will be able to locate everything easily. You can save time looking for something and instead spend it strategizing.

    If the operator has a live betting option, the interface has to be optimized to update the scores in real time. You don’t want to be taking part in live betting on new betting sites while checking the scores somewhere else. 

    The interface should also be optimized for mobile users. If a website can be run on a mobile browser, it will allow the players to place bets on the go. Not only that, but using a betting site with the browser also puts less strain on the mobile device.

  • 3

    Available Betting Options and Odds

    It’s important for new online betting sites to have the features we mentioned above. But all of that will mean nothing if you don’t have access to enough betting options. The betting site new players choose must provide punters with the most popular betting markets in India. 

    Cricket is probably the most popular sporting event in India. That makes it one of the most betted on sports. You can call a new betting site good if it gives you betting options for the most popular markets for Cricket. 

    Speaking of Cricket, it’s also a great sport where punters place prop bets. Look to see if the operator has markets for prop bets. That way, you won’t be missing out on any betting action.

  • 4

    Best Betting Odds

    It’s not enough to have access to all the popular betting markets. You also need to get the best odds on them. Without the best odds, you won’t enjoy placing bets on matches. 

    It’s not possible to always get the best odds at a new betting site. But what you can aim for is comparatively better odds than the competition.

  • 5

    Customer Support

    One thing new betting sites should pay great attention to is customer support. This is true for all sportsbooks. But a new betting site is where you feel the need for customer support the most. 

    Players are bound to run into issues at new betting sites. It’s in those moments that customer support is going to come to the rescue. If there’s a dedicated customer support team on standby, these problems can be taken care of in no time.

    There should be multiple options available to contact customer support. Players should have the freedom of using whichever method they want. Popular methods to contact customer support include email, telephone, or live chat.

How to Sign Up at a New Betting Site

The sign-up process for a new betting site is no different from the rest. As punters, you should already know how to sign up for new betting sites. But we’re including this step-by-step guide just to help jog your memory.

  • Click Sign-Up Button
    step 1

    Locate the Sign-Up/Registration button to get started in your favorite New Sportsbook.

  • Fill the sign-up form
    step 2

    Enter an email and a strong password that you will use to log in to the sportsbook.

  • Add your personal details
    step 3

    You will also have to enter your personal information, such as your full name, address, phone number, and date of birth.

  • Submit Your Sign-Up
    step 4

    Submit all the information and wait for the confirmation mail.

Which Payment Methods Expect?

New players must be ready for things like limited payment methods when playing at recently launched bet sites. That’s because getting set up with payment methods takes a lot of time. But once everything is good, you should have a smooth transaction experience.

Some of the earliest payment methods you can expect are credit and debit cards and bank transfers. As more time passes by, you should see e-wallet payment options. Once the e-wallet options are added, players can enjoy instant deposits and withdrawals.

You should expect cryptocurrency payments if the operator can manage them. If you’re playing at the new Indian branch of an already established crypto operator, you should see it much sooner.

India is also home to plenty of phone payment methods. With this help, punters can make payments at the new betting sites with their phones.

new betting sites

What Bonuses to Expect from New Betting Sites?

Open with the fact that new operators tend to offer more generous bonuses to attthese,ract as many bettors as possible. New bookmakers are the best if the bonus is one of your priorities. 

One of the greatest things about the new betting sites is that you get a lot of promotional offers from them. This is because these operators want to attract as many new faces to their new betting site as possible. 

If you’re looking for a bookmaker with many bonuses for new and existing players, then new betting sites are the best pick. You can enjoy a variety of bonus offers from new betting sites in India. Let’s take a look at some of them.

  • 1

    Welcome Bonus

    For a new betting website, this is one of the most efficient tools to get new players. If the operator provides a good welcome bonus, punters are going to rush after it. After all, they’re going to be able to enjoy bonuses which will let them play more.

    Even among the welcome bonuses, you can enjoy a lot of variety. You have the usual deposit bonuses, free bets, and in some cases a no-deposit bonus. Additionally, you can also enjoy free spins as part of the welcome bonus on new betting sites.

  • 2

    Risk-Free Bets

    When operators offer a risk-free bet it’s a great offer for players. Risk-free bets take away all the worry of you losing the bet and let you place bets with a higher stake. If you find a risk-free bet bonus, you should definitely grab it.

    The main benefit of a risk-free bet is that, should you lose the wager, you will get all of the money back. You’ll need to complete a wagering requirement to withdraw the money. But compared to losing a big bet, that’s nothing really.

  • 3

    Odds Boost

    Another great bonus on a betting site new customers can enjoy is an odds boost. This is usually a limited-time offer. What it does is boost the odds of a specific match/sport during that limited time.

    With the boosted odds, you can win even more money off of your bets. Even the safer bets on the favourites feel worth it when you have an odds boost bonus active on your account.

  • 4

    Bet Insurance

    Bet insurance might feel similar to risk-free bets, but there is a major difference. When you’re dealing with a risk-free bet, it’s similar to a free bet bonus, but you get your money back if you lose.

    In the case of bet insurance, you wager whatever amount you want, and you will get up to a certain value returned to you if you lose the wager. Risk-free bets will give you back the exact amount that you place a bet with. But with Bet Insurance, you might get a portion of it back if the wager is too large.

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