Best UFC Betting Sites in India

MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) has been getting increased attention in India, which is known to have huge sports fanbases. Although cricket still holds the mantle as India's most influential sport, MMA is one of India’s favourite combat sports, with some of the best UFC betting sites available to Indian punters. We’ve highlighted these below, and why MMA is worth betting on.

Best Bookmakers for UFC Betting

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The Popularity of UFC in India

Before technology and media became more accessible, India wasn’t big on combat sports.

However, when influencers and Bollywood stars started promoting MMA, Indian sports enthusiasts began paying more attention.

For example, noted Bollywood star Tiger Shroff organised Matrix Fight Night. With the All India Mixed Martial Arts Association backing MMA events in India, the sport now steps into the spotlight.

With many Indian professional MMA fighters like Ritu Phogat, Mohammed Farhad, and Arjan Singh Bhullar competing, India has successfully grown a loyal local fanbase. Sports betting sites in India now have various betting markets for MMA bouts.

🥊 Overseeing Organisations

International Mixed Martial Arts Federation and World Mixed Martial Arts Association

🌍 Most Popular In

USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Australia

🏅 Olympic Sport


Key Aspects of UFC That Attract Punters

All sports have an unpredictable nature, which is one reason that makes them an ideal fit for betting. However, it’s particularly thrilling to bet on UFC as the sport itself is intense. Below are the main reasons MMA is becoming popular with Indian bookies.

Betting on UFC

Strength and Strategy

Fighters have strategies before they fight, which must combine with their physical strength. They’ll read their opponents' every move and decide on a counterattack in a split second under pressure, making each match exciting to follow through.

Digital and Physical Combat

With virtual sports, fans can find computer-generated UFC matches that mimic lifelike fights. These virtual sports matches alone help provide more betting variety and in doing so attract punters to the sport.

Intense Matches

Most sports involve an adrenaline rush, but UFC betting is incredibly intense. Each fighter’s move can change the course of the match and keep punters on the edge of their seats. The physical aspect and mental strategy play a big part in UFC bouts, meaning odds can shift quickly.

How to Analyse Upcoming UFC Fixtures

Punters planning to bet on an upcoming UFC fixture must do some research to make informed decisions. When analysing a match, consider these aspects.

  • 1

    Strategy Consistency

    When a fighter is set on a winning strategy, they tend to do the same thing repeatedly. See the opponent’s tendencies and analyse their strategy to predict if your favourite fighter has a chance to win the next fixture.

  • 2

    Strong Offence

    Fighters can be penalised for not making offensive moves after landing takedowns. See if your favourite fighter can dominate control as soon as they step in, even if they’re light hits.

  • 3


    Even if a fighter has a good winning strategy, it won’t matter if they can’t sustain their fighting style. Keep a close watch over your chosen fighter’s stamina. It'll impact their offensive quality if they get tired before they can dominate the course.

6 Most Popular UFC Betting Markets

Betting sites for UFC provide different betting markets, although you might recognise some overlap with other sports. Here are some of the popular UFC bets.


Moneyline refers to a bet that determines the winner of a fight. The time, rounds of victory, and the method won’t matter. You only need to pick a winner based on the UFC odds that the betting site provides.

Fight Outcomes

Rather than choosing the winner, fight outcomes allow punters to predict how the fight will end. The options are KO, decision, or submission. Punters who aren’t sure who’ll win or don’t have a favourite can choose fight outcomes instead.


Parlays allow punters to put multiple bets into a single slip. This type of bet tends to have a bigger payout than if you place the bets individually. Note that parlays are an all-or-nothing option. If a single choice loses, you’ll lose the entire bet.


Double chance gives punters a chance to bet on two potential outcomes. Simply put, it’s similar to fight outcomes, but you can choose two predictions (e.g. KO or submission, decision or KO.) to make a safer bet when you’re unsure how the match will progress.

Round Bets

Round bets are an option for punters to bet on when the fight ends. They test your sense of timing, so you’ll have to predict which round the fight will conclude. As they are specific, round bets tend to have higher odds.

What to Look for In a Bookmaker for Online Betting on UFC




⭐ Reputation

UFC betting sites with a good track record can provide safety and security to punters.


🤝 User-friendly

A site’s user-friendliness will contribute to the overall betting experience.


🏒 Competitive Odds

Choosing a bookmaker with good UFC odds will benefit punters in the long run.


🕤 Early Lines

Some top UFC betting sites offer early lines, giving punters better prospects before trends shift the odds.


🎁 Bonuses and promotions

Getting a boost regularly through bonuses and promotions can keep your experience exciting.


📞 Customer Support

If you encounter a problem, knowledgeable customer support is your best solution.


🥊 Types of UFC Events Available

The more events available, the better it’ll be for UFC fans.


Mobile UFC Betting in India


Number of UFC Betting Market

Live Betting

Accepted Payment Methods

Min Deposit

Megapari logo



Cryptocurrencies, E-wallets, E-voucher


888stars logo



Bank cards, Cryptocurrencies, E-wallets, E-vouchers

₹90 – ₹900

Mostbet Top Betting Sites Apps



Bank cards, Cryptocurrencies, E-wallets


Niche UFC Betting Markets Worth Trying

With so many MMA betting markets available, punters often overlook some. Here are some less popular betting markets you worth considering.

Method of Victory

The Method of Victory predicts how the winning fighter will end the fight. You don’t have to bet on who will win. However, if you know the fighters well and can predict who has a better chance of winning, you might be able to predict how the match will end.

Go The Distance

Go The Distance is when you want to bet on your fighter’s stamina. If you‘re sure that your fighter can last until the judges show their scorecards, you can bet on Go The Distance. This bet will require you to be precise, and some UFC bookmakers might have a set of rules in case the fight stops midway.

Where to Watch UFC in India

Several broadcasting platforms allow anyone to watch any UFC match in India. TKO Group Holdings and Sony Picture Networks India have announced an extended rights agreement for UFC broadcasting in India through 2028. SPNI will broadcast 42 live UFC events, 12 pay-per-view UFC, 30 UFC Fight Nights, and other UFC events.

The broadcast would be available on:

  • SonyLiv
  • SONY 2
  • SONY 3
  • SONY 4
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