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Boxing might fall outside the top 10 sports in India, but it does have a fanbase. India has produced various exceptional boxers, and you’ll find a small but dedicated community that loves to watch and bet on boxing. Join us as we examine this sport in India and how to bet on it.

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The popularity of boxing in India

Recent studies show this sport isn’t the most popular in India. Of the study respondents, only 11% watched boxing and were fans, and that was considering martial arts as a whole. India started its boxing culture in 1925 when the Bombay Presidency Amateur Boxing Federation was established.

The first national federation, the Indian Amateur Boxing Federation, was established in 1949. Today, the IPBA and IBC govern pro-boxing events. Today, India is known as a country that produces various powerhouses, though it has only won three Bronze Olympic medals through the years.

Still, it’s enough to elevate the sport to a position where punters want to know how to bet on boxing online at the most reliable sites. That’s where we come in.

Boxing Overview

📅 First Introduced


🏢 Overseeing Organisations

Indian Professional Boxing Association (IPBA) & Indian Boxing Council (IBC)

✅ Bookmaker Coverage


🌍 Popular In

USA, UK, Mexico, Russia, Japan, Philippines

🏅 Olympic Discipline


Key aspects of boxing that attract punters

It’s an attractive sport that gets your blood pumping almost as much as it does the boxers. However, there are also a few other aspects that appeal to punters.

An action-packed niche market

This action-packed sport is a niche market. There are fewer matches than some of the big sports leagues. As such, punters have more chances to properly research fighters before betting.

Flexible bets

Thanks to niche and standard betting markets, you can make any bet on boxing fights more exciting than just outright betting on the winner.

Anything can happen

Boxers’ skill and experience significantly impact a match’s outcome, but it’s not always all that matters. As with any contact sport, one moment can turn the tables and give the underdog the upper hand.

How to analyse upcoming boxing fixtures

When analysing fixtures, especially when you want to wager on boxing betting sites, you must consider a few things:

  • Analyse the boxer’s fight style
    step 1

    Examine both boxers and how they’ll fare against each other. This will help you understand their skill and experience in a fight.

  • Look at their recent history
    step 2

    Once you’ve analysed the fighting style, consider their recent history. How many bouts have they won? Is this fight happening shortly after another fight? Do they have injuries?

  • Consider the impact of match factors
    step 3

    Look where the match will happen and find anything that can influence the boxer. Such as if it’s a venue they’re unfamiliar with, for example.

  • See what bookies have to say
    step 4

    Check what odds boxing bookmakers offer. These will give you an idea of what the community is thinking. See whether it aligns with your research.

Three most popular boxing betting markets

Boxing has many exceptional markets, allowing flexible bets. However, three remain popular at online betting sites for boxing.


Also called outrights, this bet simply wagers on which boxer will win the match. It’s a no-fuss bet and often the easiest one to make. Many punters who just started betting on online boxing betting sites will make this bet.


You can make over/under bets when betting on this sport. However, it doesn’t refer to the number of “points” the boxers have but the number of rounds they fight. You must wager whether the match will end before or after the bookie’s estimate.

Round Betting

With this wager, you don’t care who wins the match. All you place your stake on is which round the match will end in. So, no matter who wins, if the match ends in the round you bet on, you win your wager.

What to look for in a bookmaker for online betting on boxing

You might be wondering where to bet on boxing. However, before you dive into the various bookmakers available, you should know how to find the best ones.




🥊 Boxing-Specific Betting Markets

The bookie should offer niche betting markets and all of the various prop and standard bets.


💳 Multiple Payment Methods

A wide array of payment methods is always good to help ensure you can deposit and withdraw using a method you prefer.


📞 Exceptional Customer Support

Live chat, email, social media accounts and phone lines are excellent support channels and should be available 24/7.


🪪 Licencing and trustworthiness

The bookie should have a legitimate licence to ensure it’s regulated and trusted in India.


Mobile boxing betting in India

India’s sports industry is rising, estimated to reach around $114 billion in the next four years. While most of the growth is cricket-related, some is also attributed to mobile betting’s convenience.


Sports Count

Live Betting

Mobile App

Minimum Deposit

Maximum Withdrawal

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€5,000 (₹451,776)

Niche boxing betting markets worth trying

We talked a bit about the flexibility of wagers in online boxing betting, but what do we mean by that specifically? Below, we discuss niche betting markets that punters in India can enjoy.

Method of victory

This wager is when you decide how you believe a boxer will win the match. You choose the boxer you believe will win and how he’ll win, like through a knockout.

Fight outcome

When betting on the fight outcome, you can decide whether the bet will reach a draw or be a split/unanimous decision.

Special prop bets

Place your stake on unique prop bets, such as the number of punches thrown in the match or which punch will end the fight.

Parlay/Accumulator Wagers

Place multiple wagers simultaneously with accumulator wagers. Make multiple prop bets on a single match or three fights at once. However, losing one selection means you lose the bet.

Where to watch boxing in India

Boxing isn’t necessarily broadcast on local sports channels, so knowing which channels you can use is important. Some championships, like the Asian Games, are broadcast on the Sony Sports Network. Others are available on the following channels:

  • JioCinema to rewatch the WBC matches
  • ESPN India for general boxing matches
  • Viacom8 for the Olympic games

It’s important to note that these broadcasts are based on deals made and can change from year to year or event to event.

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