Best Cricket Betting Strategies in India

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Online gambling has long been an established form of entertainment around the world. Slowly but gradually, it’s making its way into the Indian subcontinent. Being in the centre of it, Indian bettors can feel it the most.

Considering the popularity of cricket in the country, it’s safe to assume that the majority of punters are interested in online cricket betting. It creates the opportunity to use cricket betting strategies to get better results.

This post is all about what a cricket betting strategy is and how it works. Just keep in mind that you’re “gambling” using the outcomes of the sport. And in gambling, there are no guarantees. Only hope and careful observations.

What is a Cricket Betting Strategy?

If you understand what a strategy is and why it’s used, you can easily wrap your head around what cricket betting strategies are. According to the definition, a “strategy” is a structured and well-planned approach to anything you want to do.

For example, if you want to open a new business, you need to plan ahead. You need to determine your budget, the resources you want to use, the people you want to hire, the product/service you want to market, inventory management, and plenty of other aspects.

Everything you do toward this goal is part of your business strategy. Just like a business strategy alone can’t guarantee success, a cricket betting strategy doesn’t guarantee winnings for all of your bets.

You need to pair your understanding of the industry, keep yourself updated on the latest developments, and make the right decisions at the right times to succeed in a business. Or, in cricket betting.

The bottom line is that cricket betting strategies are systematic approaches to how you bet on the sport.

For the most part, a cricket betting strategy has mathematical precedence. It’s a clever way of managing bets so that you can maximise profits as well as minimise losses based on the laws of probability.

Things You Should Know Before Using a Cricket Strategy

We know this guide is supposed to be a list of betting theory and cricket betting strategies that you can use for real money betting in India. As your well-wishers, we believe you should know certain things before you blindly trust a cricket strategy.

Manage Your Expectations

Consider this section a disclaimer for yourself as well as for online sports betting. If you’re planning to make some quick money by using cricket betting strategies, you need to snap out of the fantasy.

It might sound harsh but it’s the truth. Gambling, whether online or offline, is supposed to be a form of entertainment. And you need to treat it as one. If making money by using a betting system was easy, people would do it all the time instead of working full-time.

What we recommend is taking these cricket betting strategies as a learning experience. The majority of them involve managing your bankroll in a unique way which can help you with money management in life too.

Cricket betting strategy

Manage Your Bankroll

Let’s be honest. This section will feel a bit redundant after you read the cricket betting strategies we have lined up. It’s simply because the majority of the strategies involve bankroll management.

But those strategies are for individual bets. What about your entire bankroll? How do you decide how much to use for cricket betting? Or, any other sport for that matter?

Well, it comes down to your personal judgment. You need to consider your earnings and expenses. The only advice we have for you in this section is that don’t use money that you can’t afford to lose.

Don’t Rely Too Much on Strategies

Cricket betting strategies are great. They help bring structure to your overall experience. They also help to keep better track of the money. However, you can’t become too dependent on a cricket betting strategy. Especially not to the point where you’re ignoring your intuition.

For example, some positive progression strategies dictate that you keep increasing the bet value every time you lose. The purpose is simply to recoup all previous losses from a winning bet. However, if you keep making bad bets and lose money, no betting strategy can help you.

This is why we always recommend that you dedicate enough time to research, and understanding what the sport stands for. Watching a cricket match on TV and betting on it at an online gambling site are completely different activities! You can’t expect one experience to overlap with the other.

Be Responsible

The last tip we have for you is somewhat of an extension of the bankroll management step. Every gambler should be responsible with their time and money. Just because you have the money doesn’t mean you should spend hours at a time betting on cricket. It doesn’t sound like it but real money betting is a stressful task. If you don’t take enough breaks, it can start weighing on you.

Thankfully, all online gambling sites have a dedicated responsible gambling page where you can find resources to help yourself. The same resources can also help to identify someone close to you who might be suffering from problem gambling.

You can also impose various limits on your account. Bet limits, deposit limits, daily limit limits, reality checks, etc. are all very helpful tools bettors can use to practice responsible gambling at all times.

Best Cricket Betting Strategies to Use in India

Now that we’ve covered the prerequisites for using a cricket strategy, we can get started with the actual strategies. This is the section where we’re going to list all of them and discuss them with examples. If you’re planning on using these strategies, please pay attention.

Martingale Strategy

Martingale is perhaps the most used betting theory in the world. Every betting strategy guide you open on the internet, it’ll list Martingale somewhere on the list. As we can’t ignore it, why don’t we discuss it as our first cricket strategy?

Martingale is a positive progression strategy meaning you “increase” the bet every time you “lose”. By how much, you ask? You double it. So, if you’re betting ₹1,000 on your first bet of the day and lose, the next bet would be ₹2,000. If you lose that too, the next bet would be for ₹4,000.

The idea is simple. When you win the ₹4,000 bet, you automatically cover the losses incurred in the previous 2 bets. However, don’t forget to check the odds before placing the bets. If the odds are not similar, this betting strategy for cricket won’t work.

For example, if you bet ₹4,000 at 1.40 odds the 3rd time, your total payout is ₹5,600. While this is a good bet in general, you haven’t covered the ₹3,000 loss from the previous 2 bets. It’s generally believed that you should only use Martingale cricket strategy on events that boast odds over 2.00.

The primary drawback of this betting system is the need for massive bankrolls and minor profits. As most of the focus goes into recovering from losses, it becomes harder to make sustainable profits from this one. And only a few incorrect predictions, you might be wagering massive amounts following this.

cricket betting strategies

Flat Betting

In retrospect, the flat betting cricket strategy will look boring. Especially if you contrast it with Martingale. However, it’s one of the safest betting systems out there, no matter what level of bettor you are.

The concept here is that you make a betting unit out of your bankroll. For example, if your bankroll is ₹1,000 then your betting unit should be ₹10. If you want to bump up the risks a little, make it ₹50. Using this formula, you should be able to scale the units according to your bankroll.

Now, you’ll be using this unit for all of your bets. No more, no less. Hence, the name of this strategy is “flat betting”. If you win, you make a small profit. If you lose, you lose very little. If the plan is to stretch your bankroll for as long as you can, this is the cricket betting strategy to go with.

Many punters even categorise the units based on what they intend to use them for. For example, units that take up only 1-2% of the bankroll are for the most mundane bets. As the calibre of the event goes up, you may use up betting units of up to 10% of your bankroll.

d’Alembert Betting System

d’Alembert, born Jean-Baptiste le Rond d’Alembert, was a French mathematician from the 18th century. He’s primarily known for the d’Alembert principle for obtaining solutions. While he didn’t actively work to create a betting system, his formula works great in a modern context.

In some ways, the d’Alembert betting strategy is similar to Martingale’s. You increase the bet size every time you lose, meaning it’s a positive progression cricket strategy. However, it’s not as steep as Martingale and doesn’t require as big of a bankroll to work.

To use this cricket betting strategy, you need to break your bankroll down into units first. Then, you place your first bet. If you lose it, you increase the bet value by 1 unit. For example, if a unit is ₹100, you make it ₹200 for the next bet. If you lose it too, increase the bet by 1 unit which would be ₹300.

And after you win, you decrease the bet size by 1 unit. If you keep winning, you’ll get back to your original unit. If you were to use Martingale, your bet would have reached ₹400 by the 3rd bet. In that sense, d’Alembert is more linear and doesn’t take as much of a toll on your bankroll.

Experts usually recommend using markets with over 3.00 odds for d’Alembert betting. As you’re not using as strong leverage as Martingale, keeping profits for 2.00 odds would be harder.

A very common variant of the d’Alembert betting theory is the reverse d’Alembert strategy. While the concept of the betting unit remains the same, the actions are opposite. It means you increase the bet by 1 unit when you win and decrease it by 1 unit when you lose.

The Kelly Criterion

Unlike other cricket betting strategies, the Kelly Criterion formula is not as direct as managing your bankroll. Rather, it’s a way to calculate how much you should bet on a market based on the odds. If the odds are in your favour, you increase the bet size. If not, you decrease the bet size.

If you haven’t guessed already, this cricket strategy will need some mathematical input from you too.

Before you can use this method, you’ll need to find the right markets that’ll work with this betting theory. Punters who used this formula in the past agree that it works best in markets where the bookmaker is not projecting the accurate odds.

For example, if you see an IPL match between Mumbai Indians and Lucknow Super Giants in Mumbai Wankhede stadium, it’s obvious that MI is the favourite. But what if a certain bookmaker pegs Lucknow as the favourite? Or, if the odds are so close that the odds don’t seem balanced?

In those cases, you can use the Kelly Criterion formula to figure out how much you should be.  The formula is:

S = {(O*P-1)/(O-1)*B}

In this formula, S is the size of your bet, O is the odds the bookmaker is projecting, P is the “true” probability in your opinion, and B is the total bankroll.

Let’s assume you have a ₹1,000 bankroll and you found a market for where Lucknow is getting 2.2 odds which is roughly 45.5% probability. But according to your calculation, the probability should be around 35.5%. So, if you apply these values to the Kelly Criterion formula, we get:

S = {(2.20*35.5 – 1)/(2.20-1)*1000}. The result you get is the amount you should bet on Lucknow for that match.

The bottom line for this cricket betting strategy is that you must use it with caution and a way to manage risk and reward for particular bets. Our recommendation is to learn the simpler formulas before you start using such a complicated one.

The Ladder System

This is one of the few cricket betting strategies that work well with favourite outcomes. Also known as the royal win strategy among bettors, you use all the money you win from a bet for the next bet. You’re creating a “ladder” to increase your winnings over time.

This royal win strategy is one of our favourites when it comes to cricket betting because the winning potential goes up pretty easily if you play the cards right. You’re also not risking your bankroll as you’re only using the winnings from previous bets.

How many steps you use for this cricket strategy is up to you. Experts widely believe that 5-step ladders work great for most bettors. The reason they recommend this betting theory for favourite outcomes for lower odds is to reduce risk. You’re winning smaller amounts but you can keep accumulating the win gradually.

How We Choose the Betting Sites to Use the Strategies

The betting site you sign up for plays a big role in using the cricket betting strategy. No strategy can help you streamline your experience if the site you choose is not up to the mark. So, let us go over the characteristics that make an online sportsbook suitable for using a betting system.

Accurate Odds

A lot of the systems we’ve discussed so far are dependent on the odds. So, it only makes sense that to successfully use the systems, you need accurate odds projections. The list of betting sites you see on this page boasts accurate odds. We’ve tested these sites for multiple events in cricket.

It Offers Safe Payment Methods

One of the main reasons you’re using the betting strategies is to win more than usual. And if everything goes according to plan, you should make very good profits. To put money into your betting account and withdraw the boosted winnings, you need a secure online payment method.

So, if you’re scouring the internet to look for a bookie to use the royal win strategy or any other betting theory, make sure you check the payment methods library. Ideally, you should have access to at least a few methods before you start betting.

Also, don’t forget to check the fees you may have to pay. If you end up paying a lot in fees, the extra profits you make won’t make anything.

The Site Has a License

It’s important that you don’t lose sight of your safety in the hope to make big gains. No matter what strategy you use, you must do it on a licensed online betting site. The Indian government doesn’t regulate online gambling and it doesn’t allow any betting companies to operate from within the country.

It means you can only participate in real money gambling at offshore betting sites. By “offshore”, we mean betting companies that are not based in India. It also means that you should see licenses from the government of their operating country.

From what we’ve seen, most sites that accept players from India offer Curacao and Malta licenses.

Excellent Library of Cricket Markets

Without any doubt, you need an online betting site that offers all the main markets for cricket. After all, you’re going for the best cricket betting strategies, aren’t you?

Before you get the markets for cricket betting, you’ll need to go over the available tournaments. As we’re dealing with Indian punters, IPL is a given across all sites. Apart from that, you should be able to bet on major ICC tournaments, international friendlies, and other domestic franchise leagues.

betting strategy

To see the available markets for betting and the odds they project, you’ll need to choose a match first. The odds will vary quite a bit based on how popular that event is and how many people are betting.

Top 3 Bookies to Use Cricket Betting Strategies

In traditional fashion, we’re going to give you our top 3 picks for online betting sites. We believe these are the operators that can do justice to your betting theory in action.


Parimatch perhaps offers the most tournaments and markets to Indian bettors through its unique URL. Choice is a very important requirement if you want to succeed with cricket betting strategies. For a betting system like Kelly Criterion or the royal win strategy, you’ll need to choose markets from a particular odds range. Parimatch can help you dial in those numbers.


1xBet is currently one of the largest online gambling companies in the world. Thankfully, it accepts customers from India too. As the operator has a global presence, it tries very hard to cover as many tournaments and events as possible. This is what makes 1xBet a prime choice in our opinion for using a cricket strategy. Also, the payment methods you can use are pretty much limitless.


10Cric in India is widely regarded as one of the best sites for cricket betting in India. The events and markets are offered left and right for the bettors. So, it doesn’t get any better than 10Cric if you’re looking forward to practicing cricket betting strategies.

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