Draw No Bet Meaning

Not everything is familiar with what draw no bet means. But everyone has seen it across many online betting sites in India. It’s a special kind of bet that allows you to minimize losses by removing one of the outcomes. In this post, we’re going to learn the draw no bet meaning and how you can place a draw no bet.


How Draw No Bet Works

The meaning of draw no bet is that there won’t be a bet if the match ends in a draw. For example, in a football match, you can bet on the home team and the away team separately. But if the match ends in a draw, you get the money back from the bet.

In retrospect, this market is very similar to Asian handicap 0. If you’re not aware, Asian handicap doesn’t allow a draw as an outcome. When you apply a 0 handicap, the outcomes of the match are exactly the same as the draw no bet.


Draw No Bet Tips and Tricks to Win

  • Favour the favourites. When it comes to a bet no draw, bookmakers are unlikely to make a mistake when projecting the odds.
  • You should always opt for a draw no bet if you believe the match may end in a draw.
  • Check the statistics on the bookmaker before placing the bet.

draw no bet means


Sports with Draw No Bet

If you know what draw no bet means, you may also know that it’s most common for football betting. Other sports that can also benefit from the meaning of draw no bet include:

  • Australian Rules
  • Ice Hockey
  • Chess
  • Horse racing


Another Draw No Bet Markets

Draw no bet might be the most common one, but it’s not the only market that utilises this rule. Other markets include:

  • Home and draw
  • Home and away
  • Away and draw
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FAQ. Frequently Asked Questions
  • 💡 How do you win draw no bet?

    You win if your favoured team wins the match. In case of a draw, you’ll get your stake back instead of losing it like on 1x2 bets.

  • 💡 Can you cash out on draw no bet?

    It depends on the operator and its cashout policy. For the most part, online betting sites don’t allow cash outs for draw no bet. Check the T&C section before placing the bet.

  • 💡 What happens if there’s a draw in draw no bet?

    As you can’t bet on a draw in a bet no draw market, the only logical thing to happen to you is the return of the stake.

  • 💡 What is Away no bet?

    Apparently, it’s a different market than the meaning of draw no bet. In this market, odds are offered for the home team and the draw only. If the away team wins, you get your stake back.

  • 💡 Why bet on DNB?

    The meaning of draw no bet or DNB is that you eliminate one of the outcomes. It’s a great way to get an edge for your odds and avoid losing money if the match ends in a draw.