How to Sign Up in Rokubet

When you think about international online betting sites, Rokubet is probably not one of them. It’s a relatively new betting company that’s been around since 2020. But we highly recommend that you try this site as it offers very good betting features and even bonuses!

But for all of that to work, you must complete the Rokubet sign up process. And this is our Rokubet registration guide.

How to Register at Bookmaker in 4 Easy Steps

Similar to all other online betting sites, Rokubet requires you to sign up using the method it has set in place. It’s a 4-step process. Well, it’s a 4-step process in our Rokubet registration guide. We can pretty much put all online gambling site sign ups in these 4 steps.

Rokubet is one of our recommended sites for Indian customers as the Rokubet login process is one of the most seamless we’ve seen. Without any further ado, let’s take you through it.

1. Download App or Visit Website

Even if it seems obvious, the first step for Rokubet sign up is to get to the website. You can do it from your desktop, laptop, and even smartphone! In case you’re a mobile enthusiast and you prefer to do everything on your phone via apps, Rokubet might not be a perfect choice.

It’s because there are no apps for download on the bookmaker’s website. It means you can’t do the Rokubet app login like some of its competitors in India.

2. Locate the Registration Button

The website design Rokubet boasts right now is one of our favourites. It’s a dynamic website with a lot of moving parts. The great thing is that everything moves so seamlessly that you don’t even question it! Among all of this, you should have no problem finding the yellow “Sign Up” button. As usual, it’s on the top right corner of the website.

3. Fill in the Details

The registration form for the Rokubet registration is multi-step. In the first step, you need to enter your email address, password, and currency of the transactions. You’d be glad to know that INR is one of them.

Once you go through this step, you need to enter your personal data. Your name, full address with postcode, date of birth, gender, and some other parameters to identify you from an ocean of other punters.

One thing we always remind our readers and that is to use legit information on the Rokubet sign up form. It’s simply because you’ll need to verify your account via KYC to enable withdrawals. It means the data you provide must match the verification documents like your Aadhar card or passport.

4. Click on Register

Congratulations! You’ve reached the final step before a successful Rokubet login attempt. All there is left for you to do is press the “Sign Up” button so that your Rokubet create account journey is complete.

rokubet login

What You Should Know About Rokubet Sign Up Requirements


📩 Requires email


📲 Requires phone number


🆔 Requires ID scan

❌ No (for registration)

🧾 Requires scan of a utility bill

❌ No (for registration)

ℹ️ Types of support

🆘 live chat/phone/email

🎁 Welcome bonus

✔️ first deposit

Rokubet Sign Up Bonus

As you’d expect from an international online gambling site, Rokubet offers a very generous welcome bonus in India. It’s a 3-step bonus meaning you get returns for your first 2 deposits.

The first deposit gives you up to ₹37,000 as a 100% match! The 2nd deposit comes with the opportunity to win up to ₹22,200 as a 110% match. And the 3rd deposit comes with ₹18,000 bonus from a 120% match.

The most amazing thing is that you can activate all of these bonuses after your Rokubet login for only ₹500!

Problems You May Face with Rokubet Sign Up

Rokubet in India has one of the most seamless registration processes we’ve ever seen. We didn’t face any problems while completing the Rokubet log in procedure.


If you’re on the hunt for a reliable and generous online betting site in India, we recommend that you don’t look any further than Rokubet. It has everything an online gambler can ask for. Starting from a straightforward Rokubet account login to massive welcome bonuses!

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