Best In-Play Betting Sites in India

Inplay betting is something you’ve certainly seen on online betting sites. But you may have seen it under a different label. Live betting perhaps. Or, in-game betting. Or, in-running betting. Whatever you decide to call it, it’s the same thing. And we’re going to learn all about it in this guide.

List of Best In-Play Betting Sites

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What is In-Play Betting?

Inplay betting, in essence, is when you bet on a live match. By definition, it’s “gambling that occurs after a game has started”.

Pros and Cons

  • Access to new markets all the time
  • Easy to recover losses
  • You can bet on changing odds
  • Live streaming and scorecards help to keep track
  • Easy to lose money for new bettors
  • Internet issues can cause you to lose money

In-Play Betting Main Idea

The main selling point behind bet in play is to make use of the changing odds. But to truly understand why betting in play is so attractive, you need to understand how pre-match betting or fixed-odds betting works. 

In fixed-odds betting, the odds are fixed (obviously). While this is a great approach if you win because you’ll get the full amount according to the odds, you may also lose the whole stake. Especially if something happens during the match to plummet the odds. As your bets are already locked even before the match starts, you can’t do anything about the loss. 

That’s where betting in play comes into action. You’re free to place bets for the duration of the match. If you look at the odds, you’ll see them change according to the events in the match. And if you placed a bad pre-match bet, you can recover the losses with live bets. 

Another reason we like live betting a lot is the potential of unique markets. You never know what markets are going to come your way until you sign in and start betting. With every single ball in a cricket match, you may get new markets!

If you’re not familiar with inplay betting and are not sure where to find the markets, you’re in luck. Almost all online betting sites you can think of right now have a section for in-play betting. It’s often labelled as “Live” so look for it. 

Many operators even give you the option to live stream the match at the same time you’re betting on it. It makes sense because you need a way to monitor the game to know why the odds are changing in the first place. 

Even if you don’t get live streams for all the events, you get both 2D and 3D scorecards that update in real-time. 

How Does In-Play Betting Work?

Live betting or inplay betting, whatever you may want to call it, has some steps that you need to stick to. Let’s go over how you can bet on a live market in India.

  • Choose the Betting In Play
    step 1

    The first step for betting is to choose the right site. We already have a list of the best ones in India. You can also read detailed reviews of these brands before you sign up. In fact, you should read the reviews.

  • Signing Up
    step 2

    The next step for successful inplay betting is to sign up and deposit real money. The registration process is fairly straightforward. Just make sure you’re providing real information that can be verified. During the registration, you may also need to activate the welcome bonus.

  • Depositing
    step 3

    Once the registration goes through, select your prefer payment method and deposit real money into your account. It’s needed for the bets.

  • Find the Proper Live Market and Place a Bet
    step 4

    Once you have money in your account, it’s time to go on an adventure to find the right markets. Choose your preferred sports and match. You can easily do it by opting for the “Live” section on the sports menu.

What Makes a Good In-Play Betting Site?

Not every site that offers inplay betting is good. You need to filter your way through the mediocre sites to have a good experience. But what are the features that make a bet in play site good? Let’s find out.

  • Valid License
    The very thing we need to ensure is the license. An inplay betting site will still need a valid license to accept players from India.
  • Good Payment methods
    Before you start and after you finish live betting, you’ll need to use the method for deposits and withdrawals. So, check the payment methods before you sign up.
  • Live Streaming
    If you get the live streaming feature along with the live bets, that’s the best experience you can ask for. Unfortunately, live streams are offered on very selected events.
  • Cash Out
    Many live betting sites offer cash out features which is very important for modern-day online gambling. If you’re not aware, the cash out feature allows you to cash a bet out at current odds before it settles.

The Best Sport In-Play Betting List

While you should be able to use the principle of betting in play for all sports, not all of them are equally popular. Let us list the sports we believe are best for inplay betting in India.

  • Cricket

    Obviously, cricket is the most popular sport in India. So, it makes sense that you’re going to get a lot of live markets for cricket. From ICC events to IPL, you won’t miss out on any of the opportunities.

    Cricket The Best Sport In-Play Betting
  • Football

    Football has an all-time high count for live betting markets. In fact, no sport can beat football in pre-match bets too. At any given time, there are a few thousand betting markets available for football lovers in India.

    Football The Best Sport In-Play Betting
  • Tennis

    Tennis might not be one of the most-played sports in India but the fanbase is quite big. So, the mainstream Grand Slams, ATP, and WTP events are always on offer at inplay betting sites. Just navigate to the live section on the site or the app and choose tennis. 

    Tennis Betting
  • Kabaddi

    Kabaddi is a sport that goes as close to the roots of Indian people. It’s a local sport and there are plenty of local tournaments. Although not all international betting sites for live betting offer markets for Kabaddi, we’ve added the ones that do.

    kabaddi The Best Sport In-Play Betting
  • Hockey

    The last sport we want you to have fun with live betting is hockey. Field hockey to be precise. It’s often considered the national sport of India although it’s not officially declared. Hockey is just as good a sport as football for live betting in India. 

    Hockey The Best Sport In-Play Betting

How to Win?

  • Place surefire bets even if the profits are very low
  • Focus on the last few minutes as the odds can get crazy
  • Keep placing smaller bets but in larger volume


In-Play Tips

  • Follow the match closely before placing a bet. 
  • Make sure you know the capabilities of a team or a player before committing real money
  • Try and track the odds change in 1 or 2 matches before you
  • If you have a live stream, use it. If not, keep checking the scorecard for projection
  • Be ready to place a bet at moment’s notice 



If you find a live betting site in India, you should definitely check it out. Even better, check out the brands we’re recommending because they’re tested for safety and reliability. 

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FAQ. Frequently Asked Questions
  • 💡What does in play mean in betting?

    It literally means what it says. You place bets when a match is in-play, as in it’s happening in real-time.

  • 💡Is in play betting profitable?

    If you can do it properly, you can make a lot of profits. But you need to research the teams and players before you start. This way, you won’t make too many bad bets.

  • 💡How do you win in play betting?

    There’s no guarantee that you can win every time. But to maximise your chances, you must do your research and follow the match closely to make the right decisions at the right times.

  • 💡How does live in play betting work?

    Once a sporting event starts, a cricket match perhaps, the bookmaker starts offering markets. As time goes by and new things happen in the match, the bookmakers keep adding new markets at varying odds. You get to use them for betting.

  • 💡Can I bet on a live game in India?

    Of course. We’ve listed the best platforms to do it already.